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Transform Bogotá 4.0: a space to connect with opportunities

On November 27, 2019, Transforma Bogotá 4.0 took place at the Casa Dann Carlton hotel, in the city of Bogotá, with a total of 155 attendees.

We have the presence of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, the Secretary of Economic Development headed by its Secretary Jose Andrés Duarte, our team from Tecnalia Colombia and Clarke & Mode.

We also had the participation of international speakers who, according to their expertise in technological development, gave us their perspective on technology 4.0.

Carlos Pinillos, Project Manager who has more than 10 years of experience in the formulation, monitoring and staging of international technological implementation projects. His conference revolved around “how to stimulate scientific, research and expert tourism, through articulation with industry 4.0 as an engine for generating global solutions.” Fernando Espiga, Director of Transformation and Emerging at TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION, promotes the development of new areas of activity and emerging initiatives in areas such as eco-technological urban solutions or smart cities and territories. For his part, Fernando Espiga spoke to us about “Technology and territory: an approach in the key of intelligent local development.”

The event was also a space to promote business opportunities for the 17 beneficiary companies of the Transforma Bogotá 4.0 program, which participated in a Business Roundtable and in which meetings were held with different actors in the economy to present its portfolio of products and services to other companies or people that could become potential clients or allies in the generation of new businesses; In total, 80 appointments were scheduled and 106 were carried out.

Without a doubt, these types of spaces enhance technological development and of course the economic development of the city and the country. At Tecnalia Colombia, we are always present to promote the realization of these events and of course promote ventures and companies that are constantly changing and always seeking technological growth.

It is evident that our environment is evolving faster and faster, our job, of course, is to accompany companies that want to evolve and keep up to date with emerging technologies along the way, and these types of spaces are ideal to achieve this goal.