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Your allies in Digital Transformation!

We support all your digital transformation processes with a team of IT professionals, always prepared to suggest the best solutions for your business.

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IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation services can help companies achieve this goal by providing access to top talent quickly and cost-effectively. It is available for all types of projects, no matter how simple or complex: from prototyping to large-scale development of desktop, mobile or web applications, testing and systems management.

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Why Firefly?

We are not an ordinary software provider

We are the allies in the digital transformation of our customers, by this we mean: We pursue your interests and empathize with your need.

Technological Modernization

Technological Modernization

Upgrade your systems and processes to adapt to the digital era.

Continuous Innovation and Agility

Continuous Innovation and Agility

Access agile and customized technology solutions that drive innovation in your business.

Digital Empowerment

Digital Empowerment

Empower your team's skills with up-to-date knowledge in technology.

Successful cases

These are some of the cases in which our intervention has been successful, take a look.


Social housing Bank

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Mercedes González Manager Gj

Our company has taken a great technological leap with the implementation of our new “Mobile Application” which will allow us to continue to be a leader in hiring processes, payroll administration and social security in new ways.

Mercedes González Manager Gj

Gina Hernández, LTS Director

Having an application in the cloud that supports all our operational processes has helped us to have centralized traceability of our operation and most importantly: To facilitate access to information from anywhere, being vital for decision making.

Gina Hernández, LTS Director

Juan Rodríguez, Director de Recursos Humanos

La formación en tecnologías de la información que recibieron nuestros empleados de Firefly ha sido invaluable. No solo adquirieron habilidades técnicas relevantes, sino que también se sintieron más motivados y comprometidos con la innovación. Estamos viendo un impacto positivo directo en nuestra capacidad para enfrentar los desafíos tecnológicos actuales. ¡Gracias por su excelente trabajo y dedicación!

Juan Rodríguez, Director de Recursos Humanos


This is what some of the clients who have taken some of our services to apply in their companies or projects have to say.

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