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Sucess stories

Micro and Small Business Excellence Award 2022

“Every year together with the National Association of Financial Institutions – ANIF, Banco Caja Social exalts Micro and Small entrepreneurs who have been working for their recovery, under this scenario of reactivation that the country is experiencing.”

After submitting our candidacy and standing out as a finalist among the top ten in the nineteenth edition of the Award for Excellence, we are pleased to report that Firefly-e was selected as the winning company among a group of 896 participating small businesses.

Two engineers who, with Colombian software, are already selling in Mexico, Chile, and the USA

We already have some clients in the USA, Mexico and Chile to whom we have been able to bring our services. We have just incorporated our company in Miami”.

This is their story told in 23 questions for entrepreneurs and their ventures

Transform Bogotá 4.0

Our product eBeeTask was chosen as one of the projects showcasing the optimal utilization of 4.0 technologies (Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning), leading to funding for its advancement

100 Startups

We were selected as one of the 100 most innovative startups in Colombia.